sexta-feira, 7 de setembro de 2012

Fungagá da Bicharada!

Estes caezinhos e gatinhos podem ser em porta-chaves ou pregadeiras, e também para decorarem um nome.
Posso fazê-los em diversos tamanhos e cores!
Para encomendas clicar aqui.

Gatinhos 1,50€ unidade
Caezinhos 1,20€ unidade

2 comentários:

  1. I love your work, Teresa. Obviously, I have a soft spot for felt. My first work with felt was making our 5 dogs out of felt. These made me smile. I am very sorry, though, I can't keep having them posted on Wee Folk Art's Facebook wall. Many, many, many of our readers have shops. If everyone was allowed to post their creations there, our Facebook wall would become nothing more than an advertising site. I've been taking down your postings because if I leave them up, then I'll have to leave everyone elses up, too. I'm sorry and I certainly hope this doesn't hurt your feelings. We love having you visit our site and appreciate all your lovely comments. One day soon I'll share a link to your shop on Facebook. I'm sure our readers would enjoy your work.



    1. No problem at all Kimara!
      Thank you for advising me and I apologize for the posts in the Wee Folk Art mural.
      Just did it because I would like to have feedback on my work, I'm still at the beginning.
      Once again thank you for alerting me!